Moon Over Mekelle — Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moon over Mekelle 3

Moon over Mekelle

Not really a lot of news to report.  This Sunday has been quiet.  We spent much of the morning shopping in preparation for our impending move (!) into a house tomorrow.  We spent some time at a Tigrayan wedding this afternoon, and we ended the evening with friends at the Hilltop Hotel in north-east Mekelle.

The Hilltop Hotel sits on one of the highest hills in the area, overlooking the city of Mekelle.  We sat out with drinks on the top at the Terrace, watching the sun go down, thinking of all our friends caught in the icy grip of the polar vortex back in the US.  The sky was clear and cloudless, the temperature 72 degrees, with a cool tropical wind blowing in over the city.  We thought of you often…and we were glad that we were here.

Enjoy the view — and good night.

Mekelle at sunset 2

Mekelle at sunset, from the terrace of the Hilltop Hotel

Moon over Mekelle 2

Moonrise and sunset over Mekelle.

Moon over Mekelle

The moon over Mekelle. Good night.


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